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April 21, 2009

I’m coming back…

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…sometime…I promise.

School has been crazy the past few weeks and it’s not going to get any better, so sad to say. I have 3-ish more weeks of school. Then about 3-ish weeks after that, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! So maybe after the honeymoon, once school is over and the wedding is behind us, I’ll have time for blogging. I hope at least.

I might post occasionally, just little stuff here and there. But I’ll be back for real in June!


December 22, 2008

Um, I don’t think so!

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I went to my mailbox today to pick up an expected package. It was there! Great! I took the package back to my apartment to open it and much to my dismay, along with my purchases, I found this:

What happened to my old bubble wrap?!?!?! Instead of that lovable poppy plastic to protect my purchases, they packed this long accordian-fold-wallet-photo-display-type thingy full of air on top of my Christmas presents! I don’t like this at all!

Attention–To whom it may concern: give me back my poppable bubble wrap!!!

I guess until things change, this will have to do…

December 19, 2008


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I know this is ridiculous but I found it hysterical!

December 9, 2008


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I’ll be changing the header on my blog…just ignore the changes and tweaks until it stays the same. 🙂

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