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March 26, 2009

I’m so in…

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Tomorrow (3.27.09) has been declared Unplug day. And I’m so stinkin’ excited.

Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land (she’s wonderful, by the way…definitely on The Kindo List) has declared Friday the day we pull ourselves away from the modern “conveniences” that take up a lot of our time and instead devote ourselves to the things in life that really matter. For you that may mean spending time with family, friends, or projects that you know need to get done.

Some people spend hours a day reading blogs and emailing and reading tweets and such.

Not that I would do that or anything.

So tomorrow is unplug day and I’m removing myself for 24 hours from Facebook, Twitter, blogging, casual email, and generally wasteful computer time. The only thing I’ll use will be email/computer for school/homework purposes. That’s it. I’ll keep my cell phone with me mainly because that’s my only means of communication. Really. It’s sad, I know.

I have a piano recital coming up on Sunday so I’ll be spending a LOT of time in the practice room. A lot.

So join us. Unplug from technology for 24 hours. 24 lil’ ole hours. Plug into something that is totally worth your time.


September 3, 2008

Google has done it again…

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…with Chrome

Today, Google launched a brand new web browser to compete with the popular Internet Explorer (Which, by the way, no one that I know uses anymore. It’s only installed as the default browser on most PCs but I think it’s dumb. That’s just me.)

Today after reading this article on Digg, I decided to give Chrome a try. So far, I’m pretty impressed. It is really minimalistic and sleek. Clean and simple, Cody. 😉

Although I have tried browsers like IE, Opera, and even Safari for the Windows platform, I have used Mozilla Firefox the most and have been completely satisfied. After seeing the specs on Chrome, however, I was impressed and downloaded it immediately. It’s only the beta version so I’m sure that much improvement is expected but right now, it’s pretty cool. I think I’ll stick with it. I, of course, don’t know all the ins and outs or all the computer jargon to promote this or shoot it down but for me, being an internet-computer pleasure-only kind of person, it works.

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