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September 28, 2008

10 things, Part I

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This is a list of 10 things I want to do before I die…in no particular order. This is a type of bucket list, I guess.

  1. Play “Rhapsody in Blue.”
  2. Take an Alaskan Cruise.
  3. Go back to Azerbaijan.
  4. Be a good mom.
  5. Graduate college…ugh
  6. Be a successful teacher. I want to not only teach my students to play instruments with excellence, but I also want to also teach them to have a love and appreciation for music, God and others. Wow…that sounded really nerdy…
  7. Own all the seasons of “Monk” on DVD. I have seasons 2 and 3 already…
  8. Live abroad for a period of time.
  9. Celebrate (at the least) my 60th wedding anniversary with Cody…that would make me 82 and Cody 84…we can do it!
  10. Be a good wife to Cody for those 60+ years. I especially want to support him in his ministry and be a loving and encouraging helper.

This list is just off the top of my head. Once I think of more things, I’ll add them to it.


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