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September 28, 2008

10 things, Part I

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This is a list of 10 things I want to do before I die…in no particular order. This is a type of bucket list, I guess.

  1. Play “Rhapsody in Blue.”
  2. Take an Alaskan Cruise.
  3. Go back to Azerbaijan.
  4. Be a good mom.
  5. Graduate college…ugh
  6. Be a successful teacher. I want to not only teach my students to play instruments with excellence, but I also want to also teach them to have a love and appreciation for music, God and others. Wow…that sounded really nerdy…
  7. Own all the seasons of “Monk” on DVD. I have seasons 2 and 3 already…
  8. Live abroad for a period of time.
  9. Celebrate (at the least) my 60th wedding anniversary with Cody…that would make me 82 and Cody 84…we can do it!
  10. Be a good wife to Cody for those 60+ years. I especially want to support him in his ministry and be a loving and encouraging helper.

This list is just off the top of my head. Once I think of more things, I’ll add them to it.


September 26, 2008

I really need your help!!!

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Last night we had a THRIVE core group meeting (which was AMAZING, by the way!) and a young, single mother came and brought her two boys. She was great! She was as sweet as can be and we are hoping she’ll come back to our meetings! Her deal: she’s pregnant again, but this time with a girl so she has NOTHING she needs to take care of her baby girl. She needs everything: diapers, a crib, a stroller, clothes, bottles, etc. Next Thursday night, we are throwing her a baby shower to help supply her with some of these items. However, we only have about five families in our core group throwing the shower but we need way more supplies!

Here’s where you can help–if you know of anyone who needs to get rid of baby supplies (crib, stroller, etc.) please let me know! Also let me know if you can donate money or other supplies. You can read more about this on Travis’ blog.

Please pray for this mother as she finishes college classes, works, raises her two sons and prepares for the delivery of her new baby!

September 22, 2008

Variation on…

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…Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Buster…not quite as good but kinda fun.

5 Talents…

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Sunday night at church, Jim gave us all a 5 dollar bill and a challenge. Matthew 25:14-28.

We are raising support for the persecuted Church overseas. (I don’t want to say the location just yet…for security reasons. If you ask me I can tell you.) I am taking my 5 dollars and selling candy and snacks. Right now I have:

  • Little Debbie Nutty Bars – $1
  • Fun Size Kit-Kats – $.50
  • Fun Size Snickers – $.50

As I raise more money, I’ll buy more diverse snacks (and maybe drinks) to sell.

I will be selling stuff for about a month so please pray and let God (and your stomach 🙂 ) lead you!

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