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August 25, 2008

You really should read this…

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Since Cody is better with words, I’ll let him tell you about our exciting next steps in life!

Check out his post here!

Please pray for us!


August 24, 2008

I don’t know how I ever lived without it…

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My new favorite website is definitely Pandora. It’s fantastic!

Pandora is the radio…online…but without all the stupid commercials and you get to choose what music you want to listen to! All you have to do is register for membership (don’t worry, it’s free!) and then create your own station based on a favorite artist or song. Pandora then compiles thousands of songs and artists into your very own radio station!

The first radio station I made was, of course, Nickel Creek. It played tons of songs-many by Alison Krauss and other bluegrass-ish artists. Also on the playlist was music by an artist named Joshua Radin. I immediately fell in love with his voice and music so I created a station based on him. This has been my favorite and the one I listen to most often because I heard of music by artists I’ve never heard before such as:

  • Imogen Heap
  • Rachel Yamagata
  • Josh Kelley
  • Matt Nathanson
  • Josh Rouse

And it played music by artists I had heard before but didn’t have the opportunity to listen to as often as I’d like:

  • Iron and Wine
  • Ben Harper
  • Jack Johnson
  • Glen Hansard
  • Andy Davis

The Joshua Radin station plays Nickel Creek, too, so I’m pretty much in Heaven when I listen to Pandora. I also learned recently that Pandora has a widget for the Vista desktop! Now I can close my browser and still listen! It’s great!

Pandora also gives you information on the artists and songs and you can give a song a thumbs up or down! There are tons of other features that I haven’t figured out yet so if you figure out something new, let me know!

August 21, 2008

Picture it…the playground, 4:00…

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Here’s the situation:

Girl 1: (running up to me and screaming) She won’t let me be the princess!!!

Girl 2: (also screaming, but standing right in front of me) But I have to be!!!

Girl 1: No she doesn’t!

Girl 2: But I have the dress and the crown and the shoes and the gloves and the dress–AND IT’S ALL SPARKELY!!!

How could I not bust out laughing?! Keep in mind that we were on the playground and this little girl really didn’t have any princess attire. It was all in her vivid imagination.

I guess that proves that inside every girl there’s a desire to be a princess!

August 20, 2008

Mid-week mind dump

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  • Yesterday was the first day of school. As a student, it was my penultimate first day of school. However, as a teacher I will have many, many first days. It’s very exciting to see my college career winding down. I feel like I’ve been here forever but only three short years so far. I see all the freshman wandering around (maybe a little lost…or overwhelmed) and I remember what that was like for me. I’ve blinked and I’m here today… okay, enough reminiscing…
  • So I have a 36 hour practicum this semester…at a school that’s an hour away from SWU…we’ll see how that goes. Any former practicum students got any advice?
  • Even though I’ve been in my apartment for over a week, I’m still not fully unpacked. There are two boxes and one plastic bag that need to be put in their rightful places. The only problem is…no real storage space for stuff I don’t need right now. They might just wind up under my bed…
  • Speaking of apartment living, as of Sunday, all of my roommates were completely moved in! Joy, Kristen, and Jessica are great! Living with them will be so much fun!
  • This past weekend Cody and I traveled to Hickory, NC for Matt Bentley and Jessica Smith’s wedding. It was beautiful! Congratulations to Matt and Jessica Bentley!
  • Cody and I have watched about a million more movies. This has been fun!
  • The next few months of my life will be crazy. Pray for me and Cody as we follow God’s leading.

That’s all I got right now. I need a nap…

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