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July 1, 2008

I love my job!

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Two weeks ago I officially started my job at The Growing Place and it’s fantastic! I work mainly with three/four year olds and they are quite entertaining! We have, on average, about 12 kids daily.

The children have a daily schedule they follow but I’ve only gotten to experience the afternoon portion so far. When I get there everyday (about 2 pm) the kids are napping. From then, their schedule is as follows:

  • wake-up/snack time
  • story time
  • centers
  • playground/more centers

When I get to work, some of the kids are still napping so we let them sleep as long as possible. Then we start to wake them up. They put away their blankets and mats and go the their assigned seats. We then distribute snacks (anything from Goldfish or chips and dip to cupcakes) and juice, sometimes milk, and water if they want. Then one of the teachers will read them a few books. (This is my favorite time of the day–I LOVE reading to them.) Then we set up centers for the kids to rotate through. Usually this means a station for the finger puppet theatre (a favorite among the kids), the sandbox, the ricebox (same idea as a sandbox but with colored rice) or the tool center. We also have a “house” for them to play in but that is only on special days when they’ve been good. After centers we sometime take the kids outside but for the last couple of days, it has been so hot that they prefer to be inside so we let them play in centers for a while longer. Parents start showing up anywhere between 3:30 and 6:00 and the kids go home.

When I first learned that I would be working with threes and fours I was a tad bit disappointed. However, after two weeks with these kids, I love it! It’s the perfect age! The children are young enough to still want attention but old enough to have so much personality! They can carry on some interesting conversations for sure!

Kids say some funny stuff too! During story time we tell the kids to put their “marshmallows” in their mouths. This means they pretend to stick in an imaginary marshmallow and it puffs up their cheeks. This is supposed to keep them from talking during story time but it usually doesn’t work, especially for one child who, when I told him to put in his marshmallow said “But, but, but Miss Kindel…I ran out of marshmallows!” That was creative and it made me smile!


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