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May 20, 2008

In honor of 24 views…

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That’s right. I’ve had a blog for eight hours and I already have 24 views. Weird. I’ve only told one person about this…

Anyway, to mark this “milestone,” I have a list of 100 reasons I am madly in love with Cody! Yes, two can play at this game.

  1. He loves God more than he loves me.
  2. He loves me a whole lot and tells me often.
  3. He’s a musician.
  4. He likes to learn more about music.
  5. He’s not a know-it-all about any subject, however he does know a lot.
  6. He is great at communication.
  7. He is teaching me how to communicate.
  8. I’m still bad at it but he’s patient with me.
  9. Even though he won’t admit it, he’s a little OCD.
  10. He likes movies.
  11. He’s easy to cook for.
  12. He really appreciates the piano.
  13. He likes chill music.
  14. He’s okay with Nickel Creek.
  15. He took me to see Nickel Creek!
  16. He’s a romantic.
  17. He’s grounded in his faith.
  18. He seeks God everyday.
  19. He’s not lazy.
  20. He’s great with money. Or lack thereof.
  21. He doesn’t mind that I’m poor too.
  22. He wins all tickle fights.
  23. He sometimes lets me win.
  24. Which really only proves that he always wins.
  25. He’s not satisfied being adequate.
  26. He always seeks to find new knowledge in a new subject.
  27. He doesn’t, however, abandon what he already knows.
  28. He is the most handsome man in the world.
  29. He likes to help me cook.
  30. He likes to share with me.
  31. He got me addicted to Heroes.
  32. He doesn’t mind watching Monk with me.
  33. He doesn’t mind watching chick flicks with me.
  34. He buys me chick flicks.
  35. He throws me surprise birthday parties. Two of them for one birthday.
  36. One of those parties was at Just-More Barbecue. With live, old school bluegrass.
  37. He hates old school bluegrass but will tolerate it for my birthday.
  38. He does like barbecue, though.
  39. He enjoys talking to me.
  40. He blogs about me.
  41. He likes cats. He’s allergic to them but he likes them.
  42. He said we could get a dog one day. Maybe this one, Cody?
  43. He’s great at guitar.
  44. He’s also a great singer.
  45. He can play piano.
  46. He’ll play piano and sing for me on special occasions.
  47. He calls me pet names.
  48. He thanks me for doing things for him.
  49. He makes me want to do everything for him.
  50. He’s really good-lookin’.
  51. He runs with me.
  52. He doesn’t leave me in the dust when we are running together, even though he easily could.
  53. He’s a great leader.
  54. He teaches me something new almost everyday.
  55. He’s really intelligent.
  56. He has great common sense, too.
  57. And a great sense of humor.
  58. He likes kids.
  59. He wants kids someday.
  60. He’s okay letting me be a part of raising our kids.
  61. He really trusts me.
  62. He’s very trustworthy.
  63. He teaches me about basketball and doesn’t mind if I watch with him. Even if I ask a lot of questions.
  64. He likes to be outside.
  65. He takes me hiking to see pretty waterfalls.
  66. He’s great at planning special dates.
  67. He buys me my favorite flowers.
  68. He gives me cards for no reason.
  69. He goes for walks with me.
  70. He lets me take pictures of him. Occasionally.
  71. He plays with my hair.
  72. He puts his arm around me.
  73. He isn’t satisfied with what’s handed to him. He wrestles with it, argues with it and decides for himself what is right.
  74. He has good, strong morals.
  75. He’ll get dressed up and go to Jr./Sr. with me.
  76. He looks really, really, really good in pink.
  77. He looks really, really, really good in a suit.
  78. He looks really, really, really good all the time, no matter what he’s wearing.
  79. His hair is blonde and his beard is red.
  80. His eyes are breathtaking.
  81. And they are blue.
  82. He makes me laugh.
  83. He’s really organized.
  84. He likes to wear old man shoes.
  85. He makes them look good.
  86. He encourages me.
  87. He has great parents. Really great parents.
  88. He loves his parents.
  89. He makes funny faces in almost all pictures.
  90. He doesn’t mind holding my hand.
  91. He wants to help me plan our wedding.
  92. He has really great thoughts about it, too!
  93. He wants to live life with me.
  94. He tells me stuff. Stuff he may not tell anyone else.
  95. He trusts me with that.
  96. He’s probably going to read my blog. Sorry, Cody.
  97. He would probably read it no matter how bad it is.
  98. He loves God and people.
  99. He has taught me how to love.
  100. He picked me!

The list could go on and on and on but I’ll stop there. Thank you, Cody, for being so wonderful to me!



  1. awh. that was adorable.
    and you have a blog now! yay! i already liked cody’s, so yours will be just as fun!

    Comment by talley — May 28, 2008 @ 9:36 am | Reply

  2. A beautiful thought.. 🙂

    Comment by Giselle — May 30, 2008 @ 12:26 am | Reply

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